The Bitter Edge

Dark Sun Daze

crossover pt1

Klaxons blareD overhead as they fled from the facility with the stolen data. They Gould hear Black Sun agents scrambling to investigate on the floors above. They exited the skyscraper onto a bustling landing platform where a droid-driven airspeeder sat nearby, awaiting a fare. A blaster bolt whizzes past your heads, and the speeder seems like the best (and only) option for escape! As they jumped inside, the droid quickly zoomed away into the streams of traff ic. Unfortunately, the Black Sun thugs are not that easy to lose, and within seconds they were in hot pursuit on swoop bikes of their own. More blaster f ire screams past your speeder, when suddenly a lucky shot took out the piloting droid with a bang
That was only the beginning of a bad day for the co-joined teams



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