The Bitter Edge

In the meantime

Could'ya do us a Solid...

As a good faith gesture and an addition way to earn some creds while the ship was being repaired Jora asked the group if they could help this rag tag rebel group who were about to pick up a Wookiee Dr. Grabow deliver some goods to the rebel fleet. Capt. Aves agreed and rounded up whomever he could find of his team at the time. He ended up with Just Tuckett * as Dr. Nenlexx refused to put himself into harms way unnecessarily, *Shak was off at a secret drinking contest and Kasuni was also away, in the desert somewhere, locating rare and probably dangerous native life forms.
Soon after they met Jora again at the Cantina and he had a Wookie Dr. *Grabow in tow. He gathered the truncated team and headed to the landing slabs. there they where met by a Wookiee Smuggler Capt named Brahtikkaand her co-pilot repair droid, LELU-979, or LELU. the Capt explained that he will tell them more once they were in the safety of hyper-space, so off they flew.
Once in space the Capt. explained that they were to rendezvous with the outer rims rebel intelligence frigate the Shadow Raptor where they would find out about their cargo. a short hyper-space jump later and they were at the edge of a black hole and docking with Rebel intelligence.
They first met with the ships navigator Tay Coobsay, who quickly brought them to meet the ships leader Captain Hylo Sortuli. who ushered them into her ready room. Once inside she unfolded their mission. the team was to go to the Hutt controlled Space station named Port Tooga and procure a shipment of badly needed droids that have been recently liberated From an imperial droid factory. their contact is named Capt. Shyndi Oglerk and she can be found Barvy Harpy a rough and tumble cantina aboard Port Tooga. Cant. Hylo then outfitted them with the equipment they needed to make the sale and the team was off.
The unique aspect of Port Tooga the team realized right away was its location. The Station is located extremely close to its parent star. To dock with the station, a tug with specially modified shield generators to protect two ships from the heat of the sun escorted the Light freighter to the docking bay of the station. Brahtikka noted that this is the reason the Empire hasn’t co-opted this location.
After docking the team set off straight away to the Barvy Harpy, the rough and tumble cantina of the station. Along the way Tuckett downloaded the “official” station map to his smart goggles, Just in case, of course.
The Barvy was all that its listings said it would be, rough, tumble loud and dark. the bar and the Dj on opposite sides of the bar were elevated 5 meters off the floor and ray-shielded. on the floor below were the Holo-staions where costumers made their order and beat-up Service droids floated the drinks to the anxious costumers. In the center was a pit 2 meters deep, where the hard core and mostly larger patrons danced, screamed and practically fought the night away. After the team entered settled, Aves went to get some drinks. He was accosted by a badly burned Wookiee who Mistook Aves for a customs Offiicial that did him wrong. A fight ensued and blasters where drawn. during the madness tuckett was approached by their contact who told them to meet a a certain docking bay. once clear of the cantina, and after Aves killed the Wookiee, the team met with thier contact Capt. Shyndi Oglerk. The negotiations were brief and clumsy, but the droids where purchased and left up to the team to figure out how to transport the cago containers and hyper-space tug back to the rebels.
After convincing Brhattika to slave the tug to her ship they where off. Once back to the rebels, cleaned, fed and ready, the team headed to Capt. Hylo’s for a debiefing. once there they met with the Capt. for debriefing with one of her newly acquired, protocol droids assigned to this briefing room and then after, with Admiral Ackbar, who was there via holo, and who congratulated them for there success and job well done. The Capt. took her leave to the bridge for Hyper-space prep. The team said their Goodbyes to Brhatikka, as she had other obligations to fulfill, and the Shadow Raptor would take the team back to Tatooine.
Right after the ship entered Hyper-space though, there was a series of loud explosionsand a lurching feeling as the ship was ripped from the Hyper-space lanes. At the same time the the optics of the Protocol droid went red and a hidden weapon was in its hand, firing at our heroes
To be continued….



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